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Rotella Gallery Presents: Gail Mancuso

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NEW YORK, NY --(Marketwired - March 28, 2016) - SOHO -- The Rotella Gallery invites appreciators and collectors of Fine Art Photography to join us for the reception and exhibit of Rotella Gallery's first female artist Gail Mancuso.

Details on the Gail Mancuso Exhibit
The Rotella Gallery will be hosting an opening reception for the exhibit on April 7th, 2016 from 6-8:00pm, with a meet and greet with photographer Gail Mancuso.

Gail Mancuso's solo exhibit will run from April 7th - April 25th, 2016 and can be visited freely. The location of the exhibit and opening reception will be held at the Rotella Gallery, 468 West Broadway, New York, NY.

The exhibit is open to the public. We do ask however, that you please RSVP for the reception by emailing rsvp.gailmancuso@rotellagallery.com.

About Gail Mancuso
Gail Mancuso is a self-taught fine art photographer living in Chicago. She began her career on the opposite side of the camera, as a model. Surrounded by all forms of beauty in the fashion industry, her interest in art and photography thoughtfully emerged.

Focusing on architecture and design, as well as human forms in urban settings, Mancuso finds a natural focus within her environment to create multi-dimensional layered abstracts.

Her wide range of techniques culminates in a composition that is abstract, yet all at once recognizable. Her highly recognized, "Chicago Synchronicity," photomosaic currently resides in Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office in Chicago City Hall, and her 25-foot mural covers the wall at the recently opened Seven Lions Restaurant across from the Art Institute in Chicago. Additionally, her limited edition works are in private collections throughout the US, UK, and Italy. Mancuso was awarded Bronze Winner for "Chicago Synchronicity" at the 2015 International Prix De La Photographie in Paris, a competition including entrants from 85 countries.

She is a master of the technical aspects of photography infused with a heightened sense of composition, light, shadow, and most of all, a sense of why a picture needs to be. Each image conveys a highly dimensional character, with an emphasis on textural surfaces and obscured impressions.

In her well-received new city series titled "Synchronicity," Mancuso visits well-known cities and captures street scenes, locals and iconic buildings, then blends the images together to create a montage that portrays the individuality of urban life. After completing works in Chicago, New York and San Francisco, future projects include Miami, London, Paris and beyond.

About The Rotella Gallery
In 2012, Robert Rotella opened the doors of the first Rotella Gallery at the Palazzo in Las Vegas, Nevada. With another Gallery in Soho, New York opening the following fall of 2013, Robert Rotella had a clear mission for what Rotella Gallery was going to represent. A photographer since youth, Rotella cultivated a passion for photography over a lifetime and craved to see it respected among the fine art community, he envisioned an art space strictly dedicated to the craft for photographers to share and sell their work. Rotella desired to showcase the artists he met in the field and, as a fellow photographer, to give them the freedom that other galleries did not necessarily provide. The gallery would focus on limited edition, collectible works and over the years has developed to manage most of the production and framing of each piece giving the artists creative liberties over their collections.


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