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Olympus Releases New Powerful 300mm f/4 M.ZUIKO Digital ED IS PRO Lens, More Info: B&H

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Photography News: Olympus Introduces a Robust New Super Telephoto Option for Micro Four Thirds Shooters, Featuring World's Most Powerful 5-Axis Sync IS and a Redeveloped Optical Design

NEW YORK, NY --(Marketwired - January 05, 2016) - B&H Photo is pleased to share the announcement of the latest addition to Olympus's Micro Four Thirds lens lineup with the release of the Olympus 300mm f/4 IS M.ZUIKO Digital ED PRO lens. Providing a 600mm-equivalent focal length, the lens incorporates a powerful 5-Axis Sync IS stabilization system that works in conjunction with the in-camera stabilization systems of OM-D cameras, to provide up to an industry-leading six stops of camera shake compensation. By combining both lens- and sensor-shift stabilization methods, more effective blur reduction is possible for still shooting and movie recording. Also contributing to improved image quality, this new lens utilizes a series of three Super ED elements, three HR elements, and one E-HR element to suppress both chromatic and spherical aberration for improved image clarity and sharpness. A new Z Coating Nano has also been applied to individual elements to control lens flare and ghosting for greater contrast and color neutrality when working in strong lighting conditions.

Olympus 300mm f/4 IS M.Zuiko Digital ED Pro lens highlights:


  • Micro Four Thirds Mount
  • 600mm (35mm Equivalent)
  • Aperture Range: f/4 to 22
  • Three HR Elements & One E-HR Element
  • Three Super ED Elements & Z Coating Nano
  • High-Speed MSC Imager AF
  • 5-Axis Sync Image Stabilization
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 4.6'
  • Splash, Dust, & Freezeproof Construction
  • Manual Focus Clutch and L-Fn Button

While primarily intended for photographing distant subjects, this 300mm f/4 also sports an impressive 4.6' minimum focusing distance, along with a 0.48x equivalent maximum magnification for working with close-up subjects. When paired with the optional MC-14 1.4x Teleconverter, the focal length and magnification can be increased to 840mm and 0.67x, respectively, while retaining the same minimum focusing distance, to benefit photographing insects, birds, and other small subjects from a comfortable working distance. Handling is complemented by an L-Fn button, which can be programmed to control one of 27 different functions, as well as a Focus Limiter to constrain the focusing range for faster performance. The lens is also weather-sealed in 17 distinct areas to guard against dust and moisture, and includes a removable tripod collar with an integrated Arca-type foot.

The M.ZUIKO Digital ED 300mm f/4 IS PRO lens will include the LC-77B Front Lens Cap, DR-79 Decoration Ring, and LSC-1127 Lens Case, and an optional 77mm PRO ZERO Protection Filter will also be available.

Read all about the new Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 300mm f/4 IS PRO Lens at B&H Explora blog:


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Image Available: http://www.marketwire.com/library/MwGo/2016/1/4/11G077152/Images/Olympus_300mm_Lens_Upwords_on_Camera_-_Main-8cfc7dd5c35b924ca42007c451c7ef02.gif
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