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April Fools' Fake Out: How to Sneak Healthy Twists Into Kids' Favorites

457 Days ago

(NewsUSA)Simply Savory Sausages from Land O'Frost pack in the same flavor youngsters love with 35 percent less fat, at least 9 grams of protein, and no artificial colors, flavors, MSG or fillers. * Saturday Morning Stacks: Give Saturday morning cartoons a fun, healthy breakfast to go alongside with detoxifying beets. Mix blended beets into your pancake batter to create cakes with a fun red color that kids will love with the added boost of folate, potassium and iron you want. Drizzle with your favorite maple syrup or fresh berries, honey and yogurt for a complete breakfast. With these April Fools' Day-inspired tricks, you'll be able to put a fun and healthy twist on your kid's favorite dishes. For coupons and more information about Simply Savory products from Land O'Frost, visit www.landomoms.com.

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