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Al-Jazeera journalists released after abduction in Yemen

516 Days ago

SANAA, Yemen (AP): Al-Jazeera says three of its journalists who were abducted in the war-ravaged Yemeni city of Taiz have been released.
In an online statement Thursday, the network said that reporter Hamdi al-Bokari and crew members Abdulaziz al-Sabri and Moneer al-Sabai were freed.

Taiz sits in the country's rugged interior mountains and its nearly three million residents have been caught in fighting between Shiite rebels besieging the city and pro-government fighters backed by heavy airstrikes from a Saudi-led military coalition.

It was not clear who was behind the abduction. Journalists have been frequently targeted in Yemen's conflict, and Taiz's local militias include militants from al-Qaida's offshoot in Yemen in addition to hardline Salafi Muslims.

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